Also known as “sun shelves” or “Baja shelves,” tanning ledges offer a spot to lounge and soak up some extra rays without having to leave the water. They can also be used as benches, making them perfect for pool parties, entertaining, or any occasion where you need some extra pool seating. Plus, their placement gives you a fun spot in the center of the action — not from a distance on your deck. Whether you want to enjoy a cocktail, a book, a nap, or a party, tanning ledges help you get more mileage (and more fun!) out of any pool size or design.

Tanning ledges create more opportunities to socialize, entertain, relax, and unwind. They also add a touch of distinction, increasing the beauty and elegance of your pool for a fully functional showpiece. Whether you’re spending quality time with your children, soaking up rays with your dog, or chatting with your new neighbor, a Baja shelf offers something for everyone.