Signs of a Leak

  • Unusual soft, wet spots in the yard.
  • Dirt water, or persistently green water.
  • Uncharacteristic spikes in your water bill.
  • Waterspots on the equipment pad, corrosion on equipment.

The Bucket Test

Not all water loss in pools is due to leaks. Pools lose about ¼ inch of water every week due to evaporation, though depending on sun exposure, wind, humidity, and other environmental factors it could be more. Pools also can lose water due to use and splash-out. If you are still concerned about a leak, try the following test before paying for a professional leak-detection service.

The Bucket Test for Leaks will help us measure water loss due to evaporation. If the pool loses more water than the bucket, that water loss is due to leaks in the pool.

  1. Test only on nonwindy, nonrainy days. Bring water level in pool up to top of skimmer mouths and test for proper chlorine levels.  
  2. Shut off pump and heater. Do not use the pool during the testing period.
  3. Fill a 5 gallon bucket about full of water
  4. Place duct or painters tape inside the bucket where the bucket’s water line sits.
  5. Place bucket on lowest step that does not submerge bucket. If the bucket floats, weight bucket with a stone or brick.
  6. Place duct or painters tape on the outside of the bucket where the pool’s waterline sits,
  7. Mark the waterline inside the bucket with permanent marker on the tape. Mark the pool’s waterline outside the bucket with a permanent marker on the tape.
  8. Wait 24 hours.
  9. Mark both new waterlines with a permanent marker. Measure the distance between the waterlines on each tape. Compare those distances.

While Cada Pools and Spas does not do underground water testing to find leaks, we can assist with repairing known leaks. Contact us to arrange a repair.